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Smart home technology is the way to go for thousands of households in Pomona. With a touch of a button, you can dim the lights, switch off the TV, turn up the heat, or even lock the doors. If you need smart home installation services, call Local Expert Electrician.

Our experienced technicians will advice you when it comes to modern smart home technology. We bring you devices that allow you use the Smartphone to stay connected to your home.

Smart Home Installation and Maintenance Services

Local Expert Electrician brings you knowledgeable and experienced personnel for smart home install devices installation and maintenance of smart home devices. So you don’t have to look far for experts who will install the IP cameras, or remotely controlled lighting.

We are the local experts, with a wide range of knowledge when it comes to installing and servicing different smart home devices.

Local Expert Electrician can install HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and many other smart home solutions.

Affordable Smart Home Technology

At Local Expert Electrician, we bring you technology that is affordable and ensures convenience. Thus, you will not feel like you have been robbed. Our services are available at affordable rates, and we are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction to our customers. Most importantly, we deliver value for money. Our technology solutions help you to control and monitor what is going on back at home. Thus, you are able to switch off power from the phone`s button or even put on the AC only when it is absolutely necessary. Thus, you are paying for a service that will have long-term benefits.


To schedule a service, give us a call via (562)317-6220. We are the leading Pomona smart home installation and maintenance service providers.


Quick Installation

The technical team at Local Expert Electrician is widely knowledgeable when it comes to smart home installations. Thus, to us most of the installations fell like plug and play, ensuring fastest turnaround. We deliver services on same day, and we are committed to completing the installations quickly. Therefore, when you need our services, just give us a call and we will gladly ensure fast and convenient experience.